Tairrie B en haar "NWA days"

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Tairrie B en haar "NWA days"

28 april 2005 22:11

Van: Mass Was there a point in your life where this all stems from? I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that there's a definitive point where you said "enough is enough."

Tairrie B.: Yeah definitely. It probably happened seriously for me around '95. Anyway, I got punched out by Dr. Dre at the Grammy Awards in '95. It was never publicized because I got paid off. I talk about it now because it's been so many years and it's kind of ironic. He had beat up the host of a TV rap show called "Pump It Up". A black female chick that hosted the show and he had to go to anger management and pay a fine and do community service. Well, I was on his label and about to release an album. He was gonna produce the record and Ice Cube was gonna write the lyrics and I was also working with Quincy Jones' son. I probably would have been Eminem! (laughter) So anyway, I decided that I would write my own lyrics and lo and behold drama went down in the studio and I was totally a sh*t talkin' white girl who wasn't afraid of these guys. They didn't want to hear it. Easy E was cool with me but Dre had a definite problem with me and it got worse and worse. There was a song that I recorded on my first rap album called "Ruthless Bitch". There was a trademark in the NWA camp where they would do a last song on every album that they produced and everyone would rap on it and talk sh*t. Basically they wanted to call the song "I Ain't Your Bitch". They were all gonna call me a bitch and then I would come out with my verse and be like" I ain't your bitch" and here's why and blah blah blah. But I said. "F*ck that! I'm gonna take a Led Zeppelin song make it an 8 minute epic, say that I am a bitch and call all you motherf*ckers out." I did it and I said some things in there and it got pretty crazy. I wasn't getting along with Dre and he had heard the song. So we were at the Grammys and Dick Clark was there and New Kids on the Block and Janet Jackson and a lot of other people were around as well as my manager and my DJ (both women). The record was about 3 months from coming out on Ruthless through MCA. This was back in the day when I was blonde and looked like Gwen Stefani does now. (laughter) Dre got up in my face and in my manager's face and started talking sh*t and I gave it right back and didn't back down. I thought he wouldn't do anything because we were at the Grammy's but he was drunk and f*cked up and he hit me right in the mouth. Full on. I didn't go down so he punched me in the eye. The police broke it up and a few minutes later I was downtown with LAPD going, "You know that band that sings' F*ck the Police'? NWA? Well, Dr. Dre just did this to me!" Within 24 hours I dropped the charges because I was paid off. I was told that I should do that if I wanted my record to come out. I was stupid and I didn't really have good advice at that point but I knew what he had done before and how it got publicized. I knew how nothing would ever come of it. So I went in and redid the songs and this time I mentioned being punched at the Grammys and it ended up being a very controversial thing in the underground. I mean, back then I hosted "Yo! MTV Raps" with fab Five Freddy and had my video on MTV. I did a lot of things that people in the rock world don't know about. (laughter) I even dated and lived with Everlast (House of Pain) for about a year. He's on my first record as well. So, I knew Ice-T and went to see Body Count one night. I was watching thinking, "No f*cking way! This is what I need to be doing. I need to be in a rock band." I had done what was gonna be a full on radio hit with Salt N Pepa and I had one track still to do for the second album so I brought in a Geffen Records band called Sugartooth to do a song with me. They played Van Halen's "Runnin' With the Devil" and I called the song "Rhymin' With the Devil". I just did these really crazy lyrics about people calling me a devil because I was a white girl in rap. It was really hardcore and confrontational. After we finished it I knew I wanted a band. I went to Easy E to let him know I wasn't into this and I wanted to put a band together. He was like "No no no. We are gonna make you this and you are gonna be this." and I said, "No." The next day I went to the studio and basically stole all my tapes and locked them up somewhere. I called the label and told them I wasn't going to give them the tapes or do sh*t and that they could keep me under contract because I didn't give a f*ck. I died my hair black, sold all my jewelry, put away my Adidas and said "F*ck it! I'm starting a band." Everyone thought I was crazy and that I couldn't do it. But I was like, "This is what I want to do. It's me. I am gonna start a rock band and talk about things that are important to me. Things like women's rights, domestic violence, rape, the media and pro-abortion. Things that effect me." I rehearsed with a band for about a year and played little shows and never talked to Ruthless Records. One day, out of the blue, I got a phone call from Easy E and he wanted to meet with me. I told him I wasn't going to record for me and he said he knew and he knew about my band as well. He said he knew about everything and that he needed to talk with me. So I met him and he gave me my contract back as well as the money he owed me. He signed out my contract and 10 days later he died of AIDS in the hospital. He made amends with me and he let me be free and he made things write. So will totally always respect him in that way. When he died a lot of people came after him for money and I was one of the people that was sent a court letter asking if I wanted to claim anything against him. There were so many people claiming to his estate but I wasn't one of them. He let me go free and clear and wished me good luck. He did it because he knew he was dying. It was really a pretty f*ckin' crazy story. So by '95 all this had happened and I was coming out of a very long bad relationship and I was finally free and finally me and that's what started me on the path that I'm on now.

full interview here: [www.thegreatnothing.com]
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Re: Tairrie B en haar "NWA days"

28 april 2005 22:12

Van: Mass Tairrie B (The MC) from her Comptown Days w/ Eazy E

Tairrie B now....

Her Biography (with bardeaux reference)
Profile: Tairrie B.’s first notable foray into music was as one half of the HI-NRG/synth-pop duo Bardeux in the mid-1980’s. She appeared on the single Three-Time Lover (and also graced the cover). After an apparent falling out with the group’s svengali (Jon St. James of SSQ and Stacey Q fame), Tairrie next released a solo album in 1990, The Power Of A Woman. She took a totally different direction, emerging as the only white female rapper on Easy E’s Ruthless Records, and the sound was ‘hardcore’ rap, not the pop-rap that most female rappers were into at the time (Her love of rap was explored on the short ‘shout-out’ cut on the Bardeux single – and she disses the whole Bardeux project on the track ‘Ruthless Bitch’). The album wasn’t a success, and Tairrie wanted to change up her sound by making it harder. She left Ruthless and formed the band Manhole (later named Tura Satana for legal reasons). Again Tairrie changed up her sound, this time shouting her raps over hardcore metal. Tura Satana broke up after their second album, and Tairrie formed another group, My Ruin, which was even harder, verging on death metal with Tairrie rapping, screaming and growling over heavy beats and guitars.
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Re: Tairrie B en haar "NWA day

29 april 2005 10:07

Van: DM DAAN Enkele missers daargelaten is het nog steeds een vet album. Bedankt, Mass, altijd leuk om dit soort dingen te lezen.

Alleen is het een beetje onduidelijk welke Grammy's ze nou bedoelt; dat album met Ruthless Bitch er op komt uit 1990 en over het Dre incident zegt ze dat dat in 95 was en het nummer net uit was.
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Re: Tairrie B en haar "NWA days"

29 april 2005 12:37

Van: mikelone kvond het wel lachen ook heb het album natuurlijk ook gecopped back then...
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